Valentine's Breakfast In Bed

Happy Valentine's Day!

The day of loooove!

I have always enjoyed Valentine's Day, and this year is no exception! I remember the year before I started dating Matt I went to dinner with my parents at a place in Seattle that we saw on the Food Network. Even as a date-crasher I loved getting dressed up and going out to eat. The next year my bestfriend Amy and I went to dinner and got dessert together, like a little Galentine's Date. All through college Matt and I would do dinner and see a movie, and finish the night with FroYo on Valentine's Day! There's something fun about having a "holiday" to look forward to like this; nothing extravagant, but an excuse to spend quality time with the one you love.

With our work schedules not always lining up, I wasn't sure what our plans this year would be, so making breakfast in bed on Sunday was the perfect was to kick off the week! I think anything in the shape of a heart is 10x cuter & tastier (like making a pizza!!) so I made my favorite breakfast food into hearts. Pancakes are SO good. And how easy is it to make the strawberries into little hearts also?! They add a pop of red and a punch of flavor; the only thing missing now is some syrup!

Can we also talk about these PINK hydrangeas I found at the grocery store Saturday??

I mean come on. I love fresh flowers; every week I buy flowers or greenery and make little arrangements for the living room and dining room table. Since our apartment is small it's nice to look around and see the color and brightness the bring to our home. I love the fresh smell of flowers too! Hydrangeas, peonies, snapdragons, and garden roses are a few of my absolute favorite flowers, so when I saw these beauties in pink I knew I had to take them home with me. Perfect addition to our Valentine's Day breakfast in bed!

I hope today you take time to spread the love to people you care about! Spouses, parents, grandparents, siblings, friends.. everyone needs to know how much you love them, and today is the perfect day to share how much you care!

Thank you to every person who follows along with my on this journey, I am thankful and truly LOVE all the support I have been given. Have a great day!