Welcome Rooney Claire!


The picture below is from the night she was born, after we got a text from my brother I had to FaceTime them right away to see her. Aren't they the cutest family?

You guys.. Matt & I are now the aunt & uncle of yet ANOTHER perfect child!

Rooney Claire Sankey.

We are completely in looove with this little bundle of sweetness, born just two weeks ago! If you follow along with me on Instagram you've probably seen my sweet nephew Huxley, and his white locks haha! His hair is so blonde it's insane. He is adorable, so kind, and gives the cutest little kisses. He is also obsessed with any type of ball & begs "Unco Matt" to play basketball with him & hold him up to the hoop to dunk.

He will be turning two in just a about a week, but he already has the softest spot in his heart for his little newborn sister he calls "sis". Her little pink bow just kills me.

Matt & I feel super appreciative that we live so close to them and get to see our niece & nephew grow up, it's pretty amazing how big they get even in just a few weeks! We are so in love! Can you say "baby fever" anyone?! HA!