What's On My Bookshelf

When I was growing up, while other kids surrounded themselves with sports, I took to reading books.. lots of them. Not only did I read books, I studied them, taking in what the author was saying, characters, and lessons learned. I even won a competition for who knew the most about the top 50 Children's books of the most recent year haha! To this day I still love reading because you can immerse yourself in a good book and place yourself where the author takes you. These books are on my list to read next. They range from how to perfect your personal style, gain confidence in your creativity, learn about key items to complete a wardrobe, or learn to live life with purpose. Written by authors who have been in the blogging realm and fashion scene for years, I think these books are going to give great inspiration for bloggers, and really anyone who loves fashion!

My Next Reads

On blogging, fashion, & finding inspiration.

Some of these books I have already read, and look forward to rereading, and some I haven't had the chance to read yet - but am so curious about! One I am particularly excited about is "The Way She Wears It" by Dallas Shaw, a blogger and illustrator I have followed for a long time on Instagram. Here is an excerpt I took from Amazon that gives a little more insight into what her brand new book is about..

"The most highly sought-after fashion illustrator/luxury project designer working today uses her sketches, styling skills and visual expertise to help you develop your eye, define your aesthetic, banish the predictable, stock your wardrobe, and make heads turn in this highly visual and lavishly designed & illustrated personal fashion guide.
You are your own brand. But to market yourself well, you need the best package, and that’s your own authentic style. In The Way She Wears It, fashion illustrator and It girl Dallas Shaw shows you how to mix up your closet and shop like a rock star."

I can't wait to dive in to this book and learn more about how to style what's in my closet, but mostly to learn how to best brand myself! We can always be learning from others who have gone before us and experienced what we are now going through, and as a blogger it's so exciting to get this insight directly from influencers who are making it big AND staying true to themselves through it all.

Let me know what I should read next!