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S. Wolfe Photography

S. Wolfe Photography

Our formula of love

love languages, quality time, & gift giving

Matt and I started dating when I was in high school, and he was a junior in college. We met at my oldest brothers birthday party, and I swear I was in love the moment I saw him (purely based on looks alone haha!). Although we didn't start dating until 8 months after we met, the months leading up to Matt asking me to be his girlfriend were intentional for him. He used them to get to know me, to plan double dates, to grow with my family, and to set a foundation for our relationship. 

Fast forward several years later, to our wedding day. February 20, 2016. It is hard to believe that was already almost TWO years ago. It is incredible to look back over the years and see how far we have come; in the ways we communicate, what we have learned from and about each other, and the ways we show love to one another. Looking back specifically on these last two years of marriage I was inspired to write a little bit about what we think has helped create our Formula Of Love. To us, our formula of love is simply this: what we have learned about each other and how we can use that to continue to grow our love & marriage! 

One thing I have learned about Matt, is that he thrives off of quality time. That is one of his loves languages, so to speak. When we are together, everything is good with him! We both enjoy quality time, but sometimes it is a lot harder to give than you would think, simply because of all the distractions (ahem, social media) we have right in from of us all the time. I feel like we all have a lot of different things that are meaningful to us, and not always do the same gifts impact others as they might myself. 

I have learned that one of my favorites ways to feel loved is by meaningful gifts. I think it is so special to receive a gift that is thoughtful, important to the person giving it, and meaningful! 

S. Wolfe Photography

S. Wolfe Photography


The ultimate stop for thoughtful gift giving

We recently discovered JamesAllen.com, an online retailer that sells gorgeous jewelry, and also lets you design your own too! This is so awesome for couples who find that part of their formula for love is gift giving or receiving. The best part is that you can literally design it together, from start to finish, and weave both of your favorites parts of certain rings into the perfect one! They have hundreds of choices, ranging from platinum and white gold, to rose or yellow gold. I think it is so special that you can pick out every part of the ring, because it helps you create an item that is going to represent both of your style & is such a sweet way to incorporate your love story into a piece of jewelry that you are going to wear forever!

One of the best features of JamesAllen.com is their "Diamond Display Technology" which allows you to spin any of their 150,000+ diamonds in 360° HD and also zoom in up to 40x! This ensures that you see every details of every diamond and gemstone. Rarely would someone ever buy a diamond sight unseen, because even if two diamonds have the same 4 C', there is one which is nicer, or one that would stand out to you more. This makes the display technology so crucial; you can see the actual diamond you're buying and choose the best one for YOU, rather than just relying on the certificate.

S. Wolfe Photography

S. Wolfe Photography

I love that it is something you can do together - because quality time can be so challenging to set aside. just think how special this would be to create together!

This is a game changer for men who are looking to propose, get an anniversary present, birthday gift, or just a special way to show the woman you love how amazing she is! Ladies, imagine your boyfriend asking you to help design a wedding ring together, or your husband coming to you excited about creating a new ring to celebrate the birth of your child. I feel like this is such a game changer for how you now give and receive gifts, because it focuses more on the intention & thought behind the gift. Not only is the site easy to navigate, it is a fun & engaging experience, and you have no reason not to take a little time with the one you love, and create something special & unforgettable. 

Did I mention?

They are also having a sale – 25% off!

The ring I am wearing in these photos is the Blue Sapphire Round unique cut ring in Platinum. It is so beautiful! I love that the silver band matches my white gold wedding ring & band, and all the jewelry I wear. It is a great mix of classic and fun, and I think blends my style and Matt's style perfectly. I also love the custom halo; how it is different than any I have seen! Diamonds and rare jewels are investment pieces, and this is such an amazing way to create something together that will last a lifetime, and will always represent your love. 

S. Wolfe Photography

S. Wolfe Photography

As we are about to celebrate our second wedding anniversary in just a few weeks, we have loved to look back on the years that have brought us to where we are now! When we first started dating, Matt bought me these super cute bright turquoise rain boots that he found on my Pinterest board; I was so shocked that he had listened to me and been so thoughtful to hunt them down and get them for me! I have always been impacted by those little things that are so meaningful, and it has truly made me appreciate the way that Matt gives those thougtful gifts.

Designing a ring with JamesAllen.com gives a whole new way to create special, lifetime gift together with the one you love - and I am all about that. Weaving together both quality time and thoughtful gift giving, are two of the things that help create our Formula Of Love! 

Photography: Sarah Wolfe Photography