Reading List & Burrow Couch Review

Reading List & Burrow Couch Review - Bre Sheppard

I have always loved reading. When I was growing up, I was never really in to sports, but for some reason I loved nothing more than curling up with a good book! My dad would read to me when I was little, and as I got older I have a vivid memory of me reading out loud to him while he was working on the lighting in our home as it was being built. I sat on the stairs leading up to the 2nd floor and read from a library book to him, as he was on a ladder working near me. For whatever reason, that memory has always stuck closely with me! When I was in elementary school I was a part of a book club called "Battle of the Books", where we would basically where we would read the list of books supplied to us, then compete for who knew the most about each book. My team won haha, and I have the giant trophy to prove it.. no big deal!

Years later, and I still enjoy reading when I get the extra time. It is really relaxing and fun, and especially if it's a book that is something I am interested in. I recently started re-reading "Capture Your Style" by Aimee Song and seriously can't put it down! She is such an inspiring fashion & lifestyle blogger, who really paved the way for other influencers to be able to learn from her experiences. I love that she shares tips & tricks for how to make your Instagram feed something that is a reflection of YOU and your personal style. 

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Reading List & Burrow Couch Review - Bre Sheppard


burrow makes luxury couches for real life

I recently got this Burrow couch and have been loving curling up with a book on it any chance I get! When it came in the mail, Matt was still at work so I decided I would try and put it together so it was ready when he got home. And guess what? I literally put it together all by myself! I am seriously proud of that haha because I am sure you have struggled with putting together home furniture just like I have! There is nothing worse than something that you need to go out and buy a whole tool kit for; I have always wondered why things like tables, chairs and couches never just come with the correct things you need to put them together. This is the BEST couch ever, because it came with every piece I needed and the most simple instruction manual! 

Every Burrow couch is customizable, from the color to the size, and even the wooden legs! I love this little loveseat style, as an option for a smaller space like ours. It is the perfect size for just me, or two people! I picked light grey with dark wood legs because it was a great accent to the dark grey couch we already have. This one is perfect against the wall under our wooden picture frames. I also love that it is both pretty & functional. You can actually flip the cushions if you don't like the tuffets, but I think it adds a fun touch! I also love the modern sides and the minimal cushion. Even though it's not a super fluffy or big couch, it has seriously been the perfect addition to our living space. We love that it adds a little modern touch, is super simple and clean, and literally STAYS clean too; it comes with a spill-proof and stain resistant fabric that is easy to clean. How amazing is that?

It even comes with a little USB charger that is in the side of the couch; these people have thought of everything haha! I love these details that really make Burrow a high-end couch, without that price. And I am all about the high-end look without the price tag. I think you can definitely splurge on some things in your home, but this is the perfect intersection of where function & fashion meet affordability! 

This is the perfect little couch.. customize yours here!

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Reading List & Burrow Couch Review - Bre Sheppard