10 Minute Makeup Routine

I think of my makeup in three stages: face, brows, eyes. Here's the breakdown of the products I use & how I use them! My everyday routine takes about ten minutes. This simple look makes me feel pretty, it's such a natural look, and can be easily dresses up even more with just a few more touches of makeup! Here's the breakdown!


I start my face makeup by applying coconut oil all over; this helps calm redness and sooth dry skin, it also leaves my face feeling refreshed and even. After the coconut oil has soaked in (I usually dry my hair during this time) I apply Maybelline's Master Conceal with my Beauty Blender underneath my eyes and down by my nose. The further away from just under your eyes you can get the better you can blend it in, and the less you end up looking like a racoon. Try and blend it down towards your cheeks and even onto your nose!

I use Maybelline Matte + Poreless foundation all over because it really smooths out my skin and covers blemishes without feeling super heavy and thick.

Bronzer is next, and this mate presses powder bronzer from NYX is the best. It is super pigmented and gives great color. I like to make a kissing fish face and do a few swipes under my cheekbone, down either side of my nose, and around my hairline. Keep the bronzer light and 'beachy', don't go Jersey Shore with it.

I love Essence Cosmetics blush in HeatWave - it gives a POP of color and flush to my cheeks that is so fresh & pink!

I've searched high and low for the best drugstore highlighter and this $3 E.L.F Cosmetics pressed highlighter is about as good as it gets. I mean, three dollars people! I've had it for probably two months and barely even made a dent. It can go on dry or you can wet your finger or a brush and apply that way, either way it is perfect for a slight shimmer on your cheekbones and down your nose. I also use this, mixed with bronzer, as my eyeshadow for a little sparkle.

Overall my face takes about 2 minutes. On to brows!


It's a wonder that something so small can make such a BIG impact on what someones face looks like, but it's so true, brows really do make all the difference.

Lets forget about the scary middle school years of over-plucking and bad nail salon waxes, and look forward to the future of brows: fuller, filled in, and more natural.

AMEN. Since I have blonde hair, my brows have always been super light. It never seemed to matter how much I shaped them or brushed them, they are just too light to make a big impact on my face.

When I first started filling them in years ago, I used an eyeshadow that was much too dark, and my mom thought I looked permanently angry ha! Well, products and techniques have changed, and while some may go the pomade or powder route, I will leave that for girls with darker hair.

I like my eyebrows to be full but not look drawn on, so I first make sure they are cleanly plucked and all the stray hairs are gone. It's my own personal opinion but I prefer to do this myself, although if you find a brow lady you love & trust, that's amazing too! Using Maybelline's Brow Precise pencil I basically just create a line along the bottom of each brow hairline and the top, and use the spooley to blend it in. Then using small flecks I can fill in my brows and make them as natural or as dark as I desire. I love Anastasia Brow Gel, but for a drugstore option NXY makes a great brow gel that in my opinion is just as amazing, Brush upwards and out, giving them a feathery and full look.

Brows on fleek!


Eyes are the quickest and easiest part of my makeup routine! When I am drying my hair, I like to heat my my lash curler for a few seconds before using it to curl my lashes. The heat makes the curl last longer and give a much fuller look to my lashes.

Maybelline Rocket Volume mascara has been my longstanding favorite for years.

It goes on smooth and dark and I love that you can layer it up and create a pretty dramatic look. I definitely focus on my upper lashes, then give the lower lashes a little love too!

Want to take the look from day to night?

Here's how: winged eye liner + swipe of blush + gold eyeshadow

I'm telling you, its THIS easy!


Overall my makeup routine is really fast, east, and most of all affordable! Just like any other routine we get into, makeup can be one that you learn how to do and becomes second nature. I definitely don't consider myself a makeup artist or guru, but I enjoy putting it on everyday and find it fun! I also think it's important to figure out what works for your skin, so when it's time to buy makeup again you have a base of knowledge for what you're buying and what you need. If you have any questions, feel free to email me! And tell me if you try anything out & what you think!