The Truth About True Religion

Last week I got the chance to work with True Religion for a stylist event at Pacific Place in Seattle! I had so much fun styling mannequins with my favorite pieces from Fall, hanging out styling those who were shopping, and sharing some trends I foresee. I love the new brand that True Religion is creating because their clothing is becoming even more able to translate into many different styles & tastes. Known for their denim, True Religion has always created jeans that fit amazingly well, however recently they have minimized the stitching and created a more simple denim style that I am loving! Along with denim, there was lots of flannels, gold detailing, and even a leather jacket (unheard of before this season for True Religion)! Moto is definitely IN for Fall; I'm taking bomber jackets, flannels around the waist, and pretty much anything that will make your mom say, "I wore that in the 80's". The event was so much fun and I definitely loved being able to get a new fresh look at what this brand has to offer us for Fall - check them out!