Fall Favorites Tag

This Fall, Vloggers (Video Bloggers) have started a popular trend with their "Fall Favorites Tag" videos, answering a few questions about their go-to products and traditions for Fall. The idea is to share a little bit more about ourselves and so you can check out the thing we love & we can hear from other Bloggers what they like as well. My gorgeous friend Aygin of BeautyCornerXO decided to bring this idea to the blogger world and do it Q&A style!

Here we go! What's my favorite..

Anything pie or baked goods... pumpkin, apple-cinnamon, or sugar cookies is my jam. Wait, were we talking about candles or food?

Lip Color?
NUDE! For Summer I am all about bright pink, but for Fall I love a good nude. I also like a deep red or maroon for an edgier look. Keep those colors matte or it can look messy! However with nudes & light pinks I think a subtle gloss is perfect.

I love Woods Coffee in Bellingham, their cider is so good! However I am not a fan of hot drinks so my go-to at, say, Starbucks is a black tea lemonade sweetened. I haven't had it at a time of year I didn't like.

I'm going to be honest, I am not really a blush girl. I prefer bronzer because it gives me more color and contrast; on myself I feel like blush doesn't do much. A little swish of bronzer below the cheekbones, either side of my nose, and up by the forehead does WONDERS.

Clothing Item?
Is it bad if I say my UGGS?.. For Fall there's nothing more comfortable & cozy. However, if I am going out in public my favorite clothing item might be my Rag&Bone denim. They go with everything and make your legs look great.

Fall Movie?
Big thanks to one of my best friends who absolutely loves Halloween for making me watch Halloweentown the last four Halloweens in a row, and making the drive down to Oregon to see the town it was filmed in. Because of you Blaire, I would say that's my favorite Fall movie because of all the memories attached to it.

Fall TV Show?
I know its been off air for years, but One Tree Hill will always remind me of Fall; what's better than drama about basketball and love in a small town? Also Jimmy Fallon because he;s especially funny this Fall with all his Donald Trump jokes. "It's gonna be HUUUGE."

Thanksgiving Food?
Everything but the cranberry sauce.

Halloween Costume?
Personal favorite was four (wow, time flies) Halloweens ago when I was a Freshman at Western and me & Matt were Rapunzel and Flynn from Tangled. It was hilarious and I love him for agreeing to do that with me.

So.. what are your Fall Favorites?!