Fake It Till You Cape It

I love to stay on top of trends, but sometimes I don't know how long they will last and I don't want to waste money on something that might be gone as soon as it came in. This Fall I have noticed that colorful capes have been popular on both the runway in high fashion, but also for everyday wear. Even though I have been able to find some capes that are reasonably priced ($50-$100), the majority of the nice, colorful, and thick ones are fairly expensive. My easy and affordable solution and is to use my favorite blanket scarf wrapped around my shoulders and waist to give the cape effect. If you fold the sides of the scarf around your neck just right, you can get a really nice hooded effect. Wearing a simple colored t-shirt or long sleeve underneath the scarf keeps the focus on the colors of the scarf and away from whatever is underneath. I swear by this look - its colorful, fun, and right on trend! Try it out!

Photography: Jessica Whittaker