Playful & Practical

We all have that one pair of shoes we love so much we try and work them into as many outfits as we can. For me, it's my Tesori Raven Bootie from Nordstrom Rack.. They are the perfect combination of brown and grey, and I find that they can go with so many different things! This Fall I decided to try a new look and wear knit socks under the booties to add some texture and bring down color from my shirt. Since a flannel is a pretty classic Fall staple, this updated sheer flannel adds a similar style but a little more flow and shape.

I like the way this look is playful but also really practical. Thick patterned socks keep you warm and even though a hat is a great accessory, it's also a good way to keep away the rain! You can find my favorite denim by STS Blue for less than $50 and a similar pair for less than $30! Next time you are stumped on what to wear, try thinking outside the box and creating an updated look, like this, with what you already have in your closet!