Eyebrows Made Easy


We've all heard the phrase, "Eyebrows on Fleek", and laughed trying to figure out exactly what that meant.. but here's the thing: Eyebrows are SUPER important and if fleek is a good thing, I want mine to be as fleek-y as possible. Where years ago "good" eyebrows were overplucked and thin, where today brows are better the the thicker and fuller they are. Brows shape your face, they can frame your eyes and even make you look more youthful. This is good news for those of you who have naturally thicker and darker brow hairs; just plucking to keep some shape to them is all you need to do. For those of us who might not have the thickest eyebrows, or have a hard time overcoming the 7th grade phase of a pencil thin eyebrow.. there is good news for you too!

A few years ago I started to fill in my eyebrows a little bit with eye shadow and a small brush, the I switched to a pencil when I found the perfect shade to match my hair. I recommend letting your eyebrows grow and take on shape, while filling them in and getting the shape you want, and instead of plucking let the hair grow in so they become fuller.

You can also use an eyebrow gel that is designed to promote hair growth. I started using Anastasia Brow Enhancer about two months ago, and I actually think I am seeing some results! I use it almost every night (recommended twice daily for better results) on my eyebrows and can see that they are a little thicker and darker than previously. I also think it's important to brush your eyebrows and give them shape before filling them in, as well as starting in the middle and filling in the part above your nose last and much lighter. Too dark or unnaturally thick can make you look angry. I have found that a combination of these things has made it so I have to use less & less pencil, and my eyebrows are becoming thicker and fuller!

Here are some tips from an article I read that I thought were super helpful too!

P.S. I SWEAR by Taupe Of The Mornin' by Wet & Wild for blonde hair.. and its so cheap you can buy a few months worth for just a couple bucks - Score!