Splashes of Pink

A look that I never get tired of is a colorful collared shirt under a casual crewneck sweatshirt. Here I am wearing my pink and white striped sleeveless chiffon tank from Forever21 with a grey crewneck from the Gap over the top. Any pattern or color works as a layer, just make sure it matches with something else you are wearing!

I decided to wear my favorite pair of white denim (that I distressed myself!) with this outfit because it grabs some of the white from the tank and overall lightens the look. These are Bullhead brand from PacSun, and are by far the best fitting white jeans I have tried on. I wanted to make sure the shoes I wore were darker, to contrast the jeans, so my obvious choice was these short leather booties that I found on sale at Forever21. They add a bit of edge to the look that I like!

Finishing off the look is my chunky necklace from All Stars Glitter that pulls in the grey, and this amazing clutch from Essex LA that adds the perfect pop of color! I love how all of the bright colors add so much to this overall colorless outfit. To create your own unique bag, head over to www.essexla.com and start designing!

Breanna SheppardComment