DIY Distressed Denim

I’ve always been a big fan of taking clothes I don’t often wear, and finding my own way to turn them into something I love, and these jeans are just that. An old pair of Rock & Republic jeans I got years ago turned into my go to jeans with just a few cuts and tears. I focused on making holes bigger where my knee hits the jeans, and from there made the holes smaller so less skin shows through. I love the finished look because they can be worn in a very casual way or a little bit dressed up, like seen here.

Paired with a cotton cutoff graphic tee, a slouchy sweater, and a woven hat, this look is the perfect way to transition into summer. Also pictured: my favorite watch made by my good friend Michael. I love to accessorize, but when on a budget I’ve found that investing in one classic accessory that goes with a lot is important!

Breanna SheppardComment