Flannel Fashion

I love flannels, but they sometimes seem to only be a one season item. Too hot for the summer and not warm enough to wear without multiple layers in the winter, I find myself wishing I could wear them more often. When I saw this one at H&M last fall, I knew all my flannel problems were solved.

The colors are vibrant and bring brightness to a simple pair of dark wash jeans, and best of all it is light enough to wear in the summer. The stripes layered onto the back and sleeves of the flannel pattern are a fun way to incorporate more color and design without actually having to add too much to the outfit. Adding high top converse, my summer shoe staple, completes the look.

This flannel could also be worn open with a blue or light purple tank top underneath, white skinny jeans, and sandals. It is even versatile enough to work its way into the cooler, rainy seasons if it was paired with a bright blue rainboot and grey jacket. When wearing a bold piece of clothing, don't downplay the design, but try to showcase the colors and patterns by wearing other pieces with accent colors that match.

Breanna SheppardComment