Flannel Fierce

When I am at school in Bellingham, or home near Seattle, I love to dress in a way that makes sense. When walking in and out of little shops or going to get breakfast with friends it doesn't require to be very dressed up, since it is a college town. I love this outfit because it's casual but still has elements that make it interesting. This crewneck from Triple Thread (Instagram: @triplethreadoc) is so soft and cozy and I love the tiger printed on the front because it adds texture and design to a plain grey sweatshirt. Instead of wearing a flannel, try wrapping it around your waist and adding a necklace that pulls from colors in the flannel. Also, find similar ripped jeans here for half normal price!

Triple Thread is a clothing store that sells only on Instagram. They have so many amazing basic tanktops, dresses, crewnecks, and clothes that are affordable and cute. Check them out!