Head-To-Toe H&M

So it's probably no secret by now that you all know I love H&M. Their clothes are always affordable and follow fashion trends, so it's easy to keep updated on what is trending without feeling like you are wasting your money. I recently won a contest with Patterns and Pops (the cutest online clothing store for bright and colorful pieces!) and received a $50 giftcard to H&M, and it was my goal to see how much I could buy with just that. I ended up finding this amazing wool scarf, sweater, and jeans.. all with $50! My booties are from Forever 21, the green army jacket was purchased from Nordstrom BP, and my hat is from Gunny Sack & Co.!

Love this overall look for winter because it is super cozy and warm, and the layering look is in! I recommend going into the store to find the best deals, because they usually have racks of clothes for $10 and $20 that can be hard to find while navigating online.

Photography by the amazing Alyssa Wilcox Photography, check her out if you live in the Seattle area!

Breanna SheppardComment