Love & Ice Cream

Let's talk about this shirt. Love & Ice Cream.. what more could a girl want? An unexpected find from a trip to the mall a while back quickly became my favorite t-shirt for so many reasons. First off I am loving this soft pink color, especially for summer, because it accentuates your tan. The light, soft material of the shirt doesn't cling to your body, so you don't feel bad about eating another scoop. I am also obsessing over graphic t's lately, and this one is unique enough to stand out, yet can still be versatile. It's a very easy summer look, especially when worn with casual ripped jeans and the perfect flannel baseball hat.

I love that each piece of this outfit can be styled in multiple ways, and by simply switching out one piece the whole look changes. If this attire does not fit the occasion, it can easily be manipulated to conform to any occasion. You could easily swap the jeans for cut-off jean shorts, and the booties for some gladiator sandals.

Breanna SheppardComment