Let's Get This Clear: The Lowdown On Glasses


I got glasses when I was a Freshman in High School, and to be honest I was completely embarrassed. I couldn't find a pair that I liked and ended up settling for small, thin, brown wire-rimmed glasses that didn't do anything for me. When I got to college I finally upgraded to the pair I still wear today, four years later, because I found a pair that I like and I genuinely feel confident wearing.

These thicker black rimmed glasses work for me because they are big enough that you cans see my whole eye in them, but they don't block my eyebrows. Eyebrows peeking over the top of the glasses frame your face better and make your eyes pop. I also like the solid black because I can add them to an outfit almost like an accessory, except I actually need them, very similar to the Michael Kors watch which never leaves my wrist.. Seriously though, if you have prescription glasses make sure you find a pair you love when you put them on; one that matches your style and personality, and can be paired with a lot of things you already own so you grab them before you grab your contacts.