L.O.V.E. What You Wear


It can be overwhelming buying clothes when there are so many different styles and trends constantly being pushed upon us. But don’t feel like you need to purchase a whole new wardrobe each season, the key is buying pieces that are always classic and basic enough to get a lot of wear out of them. When I buy any item of clothing I like to use the acronym LOVE to help me decide if it is something worth purchasing. Let’s take a closer look at what I mean:

L - Leaning (Are you leaning toward a strong yes or no? Go with your gut.)
O - Original (Does it show your personal style and uniqueness?)
V - Versatile (Can you wear it many ways and more than once?)
E - Expense (Does it fit in your budget and worth your money?)

I hope you ask yourself how much you LOVE an item of clothing next time you are at the store, because this might save you from spending money on something you won’t wear, and will also shape your wardrobe to be reflective of your personal style and taste!

Breanna SheppardComment