Not Your 7th Grade Gaucho

If you have yet to see my latest two Essential 6 posts, STOP! Go read them immediately and come back to this post! As mentioned previously, gauchos don’t exactly have the greatest reputation, and they aren’t the first pair of pants we are all going to the store to buy.. but they should be. A perfect blend of skirt, shorts, and pants, they are an easy way to incorporate fashion and comfort. I have been in California for the last week and find that these are perfect for warm nights when it might be too cold for shorts. And since they are flowy and don’t cling to my legs, they almost feel like a skirt when I walk.

Navy and white are a match made in fashion paradise, so it was a no-brainer to wear these navy gauchos I found at Target with a knit cotton t-shirt from Billabong. Finishing off this simple look is my favorite Gorjana earrings I got in my personalized RocksBox (search for RocksBox in the search bar on my home page and find out for yourself how amazing this company is!), gold accented watch, and big white sunnies. I encourage you to try out gauchos next time you are out shopping, and if you need extra help I’ve got an Essential 6 on the gaucho low-down just for you!