SoCal Local

I aspire to be fashionable in every sense of the word, not just when I am dressed up and my hair is done. This look captures me on a “day off” where my personal style still shines in even the most simple clothes.

In September, a company based out of Texas called Tanked reached out out to me and sent me this tanktop, and I couldn’t think of a better opportunity to wear it. Most of my vacation in California has been spent by the pool, and although I have got dressed up for a few occasions, most of the time I am in cut-off shorts and a tanktop. I’ve been dreaming about how amazing it would be to live in California so wearing a tanktop that says LOCAL convinces me that if only for a week, I can live the dream. Ha! Maybe we should change the letters and call me LOCO.

One of my favorite colors is pink, and these flip-flops are the only ones you will ever catch me in. I swear they go with everything.. although that might be the biggest fashion lie I have ever told myself haha! However for this outfit they work flawlessly, adding a super casual feel and pop of bright color that matches the reflective lenses on my sunglasses. This pair caught my eye while in Forever 21 in December; I swear I always get lucky finding amazing pieces for the wrong months. If you don’t think there could possibly be any more pink details, take another look. My lips are pink, covered in my all time favorite Baby Lips chapstick. And to top it all off the straps of the cutest swimsuit of all time (bold, but true statement), which can be found there or in stores at Target, are hot pink. I threw this silver chain-link necklace on at the last minute and I’ve got to say I am diggin’ the overall look. I feel confident and that’s what personal style is all about right?!