Flower Power

Confession: This is not even my romper. I borrowed it from my friend for this trip to California and I just love the bright floral design and funky cut so much I had to share it! When buying a sleeveless romper with a bib like this one, I think it is smart to find one that has multiple colors in it. This makes it easy to switch up what you wear underneath and can make a bold statement piece something that can easily be worn many times. Yellow is a color that I own little of (I feel washed out because of my blonde hair), but I think looks good with a tan, so bring it on. This simple yellow BP tanktop pulls yellow out of the romper; I was debating between a white cropped shirt and a purple tanktop as well. So any color that is in the patter will work!

My stack is brought to you by the Palm Desert Street Fair which supplied my woven bracelets and the gold diamond studded cuff. The watch is Michael Kors and makes it appearance in about half my blog posts because it’s that amazing. And these white Birkenstocks once again reign supreme in the sandal department, coming in clutch with yet another outfit.

So instead of buying another pair of boring shorts, add a bright patterned floral romper to your wardrobe and feel the (flower) power you have over what you wear!