Sincerely Jules Celfie Tee

I'm sure you have seen this tshirt everywhere lately; fashion blogger and trend setter Julie Sarinana ( created this shirt for her clothing company and since then it has blown up as a staple in graphic tees for lots of women. "Celfie" is a play on the "Celine" craze, as well as making fun of the term "selfie". This shirt is super simple, but playful enough to make a statement! Here I have paired it with black jeans and an acid wash jean jacket tied around my waist. I used to feel like I was ten years old again whenever I would tie flannels or jackets around my waist, but now I find its a really practical and fashionable way to wear a part of your outfit when it might not be functional to actually wear it. Unfortunately this tshirt has been sold out off and on for the last several months. Lucky for YOU I found this exact shirt at Target for less than half the price of this one!