Sunflowers + Stripes

As if it's not obvious, the stars of the show are these big beautiful sunflowers! I love their yellow coloring, how they brighten up the shoot, and play off the yellow wall in the background. I like to think of gold as the metallic version of yellow, so for me, yellow and gold have always been colors that work well together. Since these metallic slingback sandals are pretty bold I thought that a more simple upper half would balance the look and help my shoes be the focal point. I found this t-shirt at our local Buffalo Exchange in downtown Bellingham; it still had the tags and was less than $20 - such a deal! I found a similar shirt that is the long-sleeved version at Nordstrom, and it looks like the same soft and stretchy material that makes this shirt so comfortable.

Up until recently I have been a full-time student so instead of a purse I would lug around a backpack (still cute, see for yourself!). Because I am used to being able to carry so much, after I graduated and I switched back to a purse I wanted to find one that was big enough to carry everything I need. This Steven by Steve Madden purse is my proudest TJMaxx find! I absolutely love that it is grey and black but the details are gold; most designers would stick with silver details because of the grey bag, but gold goes with so much more. I found a bag online here that has very similar features to the one I am wearing.

All this to be said, try a really simple outfit by sticking with one focal piece and working around it to create an outfit that is simple and fun! And be sure to pick up some colorful blooms next time you are out because they brighten up the day just a little more!

Photographer: Breanna Marie Photography