Learning To Navigate The Fashion World

Happy Saturday! This morning as I was getting ready for the day, I was thinking about how much I worry about things in my life, most of which are uncontrollable situations anyway. I WASTE time thinking about what I need to accomplish for the day before it even comes at me, and most of the time the day goes well without needing to over-plan or stress about it all. As you go throughout your day try and focus on each moment and not worry about the next!

Although not completely relevant, here's a link to an amazing article I found while reading Harpers Bazaar the other day! This article breaks down the biggest trends seen on the runway for Fall 2015 and makes them super applicable for everyday wear. Like all the things life can throw at us, the world of Fashion is always changing and can be overwhelming, but finding simple & easy ways to navigate it all can help you keep your mind on what is most important.