Datenight Details

I really love Matt's sense of style. He has an amazing eye for pulling together pieces that go great together (even though he is color blind.. don't even ask) and always has a perfect balance of casual & dressy. I love this look with khakis and deep blue; its sporty but also really put together. He's got such great style even the walls are copying him! I think there are a few things we can learn from his style that will help us think about piecing together a simple date night outfit better.

From experience, I know that going out on a date can mean confusion as to what the dress code should be; so here's my take on it. I always try to look better than I probably should, meaning that if the dress code is flip flops and yoga pants I might wear sandals and denim shorts. This was just another beautiful Spring night and we were going out to dinner with some friends in Bellingham, so it was really casual. And keep in mind, Bellingham is pretty much ALWAYS casual ha! Maybe I was thinking he might show up in basketball shorts and a sweatshirt, which would have totally fit the occasion, but I love this look! When he showed up to pick me up I was like.. umm HI, HELLO HANDSOME!

Similar to Matt, I like sticking with just a few colors, unless I am wearing a bold printed dress or blouse, I pick one main color and then accent colors to go with. For a casual date night I like to layer up, because I know either in a restaurant or walking around outside I will get cold, and its an easy way to add more color & texture to an outfit! My go-to is a flannel wrapped around my waist, or a denim jacket. They can go with so many things - especially if you buy a flannel that has colors you KNOW you own in your closet. Take note: shoes can be a great way to add a pop of color, or tie in a color you're already wearing. You will look more put together if there are some colors tied together. If you usually wear your hair down, try throwing it up in a messy bun and you might be surprised with how it can elevate your look! Adding small details like cute sandals, a bold necklace, or dainty rings will also add interest & personal style to an overall simple look! 

Matt likes to make fun of me and say that I "steal his style", but to be honest, sometimes I do like to steal inspiration from him! I like a simple, coordinated outfit, and nobody does it better than him! If you ever get caught up thinking about what to wear to an date, or event, always start with putting something together that is MORE than you think the dress code will be. Pick out a color or two and stick with it. Layer up! And don't forget to add those details that make your style YOURS!