Where'd She Get That?

If you follow me on Instagram (@breannasankey) you would know that I love to tag where I get a lot of my clothes & accessories from. I do this because I have found Instagram to be the best way to network and connect an audience to a product. It's so easy for someone to click the company or person I have linked up, and then either choose to follow them or scroll through their feed! So if you are ever wondering, "Where did she get that?!", chances are its either going to be posted up on my blog or on Instagram with a tag attached.

This being said, per request of some of my readers, I am going to start blogging more about my everyday life and using pictures from Instagram and beyond to A) give you more to read and look at and B) to show that fashion isn't just for photoshoots but is really just about finding your personal style and rockin' it confidently. I hope you will see more of mine through these posts!

Today was my LAST day in Bellingham and I spent it doing some of my favorite things - brunch by the water, the Saturday farmer's market for beautiful flowers, and drinking Starbucks in the sun. I got this amazing tshirt off of Etsy; you can find it by searching Sass & Cloth!