A Day In The Life

Here's a little look into a casual Tuesday for me! When work was done today I came straight home and lay in the sunshine to work on my blog - I have a bunch of new posts in the works I am really excited about! There's something about the warm sun, denim shorts, and layin' on the grass that makes me soo happy! I thought this cup from Target was so cute when I came across it a few months ago and I am super glad I picked it up when I did, because it's sold out and I can't find more anywhere. Today's arm stack consisted of my go-to Michael Kors watch and the cutest little encouragement bangle from PacSun. The bracelet is sold out as well, but here is a similar piece from Mantra Band that I am loving! My FRESH new summer kicks are from a mad collab between QTee and FashionLush; they just got sent to me this weekend and I am excited to wear them this summer!