Bell Is Back

Skinny jeans are always a style staple, but this fall, BELL is back! I'm taking bell sleeves AND bell bottom denim. You heard me right. Time to pull out your wide-legged jeans that have been placed on the back shelf for the last few years, and rock them like it's the Seventies! Ever since the bohemian hippie style has made it comeback in the last few years, style icons who rock the look have been loving these flares. Vanessa Hudgens, Kylie Jenner, and Gigi Hadid are a few who have been famously known for wearing this bold trend. I also love that brands like Free People and Anthropology, which used to be some of the only retailers that sold these bohemian styles, are being recreated by popular brands and retailers who are offering a wide variety of prices for similar items.

This flowy white top I found at Forever 21 a few weeks ago while searching through the sale rounder, hoping something would stick out to me. Score! Paired with my favorite olive green Free People vest that was originally $148, but since I got it at Nordstrom Rack I paid only $32. Of course you can find similar items at whatever your price point might be; these looks are everywhere right now!

And as we are pulling trends from the Seventies out from our closets, lets not forget to grab a choker before we leave the house! This trend has taken the fashion world by storm this fall; you can find chokers at practically any accessory wall at any retailer, and there are hundreds of variations from a simple black lace ribbon, to gaudy silver chains with beading. I think they are a great way to accessorize, especially if you are wanting to try something different than your typical necklace. I love chokers because they do give off that retro bohemian vibe, but they also sit higher on your neck, which is why I often don't wear necklaces because they dangle down too far. Working in retail I am always bending over, climbing ladders, or typing on the computer, and necklaces that hang too low always seem to get caught or in the way. Try out a choker if you want something simple that makes a big impact on your outfit! I got this brown suede choker from Nordstrom in the B.P. department, and they have a huge selection I love!

The best part about this outfit is that you probably already have all the pieces necessary to create the look! Vests have been super popular the past year, so picking one that is less structured and in a fun print or color will be right on trend. Even though I picked to have both my sleeves and pant legs be bell, any flowy top would give the same effect! Pairing it with wide-legged denim, dark or distressed, finished off the look. If you aren't sure about the choker trend, any simple silver and gold necklaces stacked on each other would look great! And for the last piece I think a pointed shoe is slightly more retro than one with a rounded toe, plus the added little bit of heel helps the pan legs not drag on the ground.

Try out a look that's a little different than your usual style; it can be fun to get creative with your clothes and make them into something new just by adding one or two fresh pieces that go with this seasons trends!