Mad For Maybelline

It's obvious that Maybelline is one of the front runners for not only drugstore makeup, but all beauty products. Just this last year Maybelline introduced Gigi Hadid, the biggest runway & high fashion models right now, as one of it's newest models. Their products have always been my go-to faves, starting out with my first tube of mascara (heyyy Great Lash!), and now being completely obsessed with all the products. With the nude lip being seen in the trend forecast for years to come, there are three lip products in particular that I always go back to & love.

Vivid Matte Liquid

Believe it or not, this was my lip color of choice on my wedding day! This color is amazing; super pigmented, going on creamy and smooth but not super thick. It might sound odd, but I love the way it smells - maybe because it reminds me of our wedding day haha! This specific product comes in several colors, and in 2017 Maybelline is coming out with 7 new colors that will definitely be added to my makeup bag. Although it is matte, it doesn't dry hard or get flaky.

Color Sensations

I love a good lipstick that goes on smooth and you don't have to worry about whether you have a mirror or not to apply it correctly. This lipstick is always in my purse; just quick swipe makes me feel fresh fast. I like that the stick is soft so the color goes on your lips without feeling dry like some lipsticks do.

Color Jolt

This lip product has a deep pinkish nude flush to it, and goes on super shiny. I like the applicator tip because you can almost line your lips with it as you swipe it on. The tube is designed to be squeezed for more product to come out, so you can layer it up nicely. I like that is almost acts as a lip stain and the color stays on for hours.

Try my favorites out & tell me what your favorite is!