Shop Tobi + Over The Knee Boots

I love shoes. When I was a teenager and my feet finally grew to a similar size as my moms, I would beg her to wear her shoes everywhere. I loved that she had just the right style and color for every outfit. When I began to buy my own shoes, I tried to take a similar approach and make sure I had brown, black, grey.. the basics to wear with any outfit. Booties and shorter boots became extremely popular a few years ago and I have loved the way they can be casual, or dressed up with dresses and elevate a look. This fall however, taller boots that go over the knee are IT. And after finding the perfect pair, I can see why!

I found mine at Nordstrom; they have a bunch of amazing shoes on sale right now - the perfect time to buy them as gifts or for yourself! I like that they are greyish brown, so they tend to take on whatever color I am wearing. It's like two boots in one! Two similar styles and colors are made by BCBGeneration and Seychelles!

Umm can we also talk about how this amazing blue wrap dress from Shop Tobi is marked down to only $17! It's going to be absolutely perfect for Christmas parties, or just to work with a long vest over the top. It's super soft cotton, really comfortable, and so cute! I love that the fabric wraps around the front & ties right at the waist because it creates a flattering waistline. Shop Tobi had lots of beautiful and trendy clothes that are on sale right now - my wishlist is growing!

Some of the other brands I am eyeing right now:

1. ASOS has a bunch of different styles, and they are always having sales!
2. Of course, Nordstrom has multiple styles at many price points.
3. For a selection of leather & more unique styles, Anthropology has really cool styles.

You can find OTK (over the knee) that are flat, that have a little bit of a heel, have lace up the back. The styles and options are limitless and you will be sure to find one that suits your style! I am over the MOON for over the knee.. too far? I think not. Try them for yourself and let me know just how much you love them!

Shop Away!

I will take one of each, please.