Get in formation because you're gonna want to line up for this one: Beyonce has created a new high style workout line called Ivy Park, scheduled to release April 14th (my birthday - thanks for the gift, Queen B!) Watch the release video HERE!

There are so many things to love about Ivy Park, the first being that it is partially named after her daughter, Ivy. The second half of the name is a nod to her youth; growing up running with her dad and ending up at the park where they would get out frustrations, grow together, and reflect on life. In a way, her gym was the park. I love that this collaboration of the two names portrays exactly what the style of the brand will be: it's going to be practical for working out, but also have pieces to add high fashion to your every day style.

Since street style (also known as "athleisure") has already become such a huge part of fashion in the last few years, I don't think Ivy Park will have any problem working its way into the closets of girls everywhere. I can totally see myself wearing this hat, or those amazing slips that she steps into after getting out of the pool in her launch video. The greys, dark blues, bold prints will be easy to mix with workout clothes I already have; I can't wait to see all the pieces!

TopShop, Nordstrom, and Net-A-Porter are the only confirmed stores/sites that will be selling the product, so when it releases act fast - no doubt that it will sell out FAST!