Birds & Backpacks

Today I've got allll the Spring feels! It has been so gorgeous out this whole last week so we've been trying to take advantage of it when we can! Since we just recently moved to Bothell, we decided to walk around Downtown a little bit and explore our new "hometown". We've found a farmers market right down the road, about a mile from our place. We also have become obsessed with the cutest little restaurant called Alexa's Cafe that serves amazing breakfast!

I love casual days where you can just throw something on and it kind of all just works out. This outfit took me zero thought.. it's all my favorites thrown together to create magic! This Adidas "Battle Of The Birds" shirt came in the past collection that Nordstrom carried, and the day I saw it on the floor I knew I needed it. It's a light blue base with birds and tropical flowers overlaying each other, I mean it's just soo good. It is also the most comfortable shirt ever!! I've washed it probably 20 times and every time it gets softer.

Right as Fall was ending I told Matt I really wanted to find a backpack that would really just be more of an everyday purse. I like the way you can pack a lot in it, throw it on, and not worry about things falling out! Its practical but chic and cute, and works really well with a lot of my more sporty outfits. I remember telling my friend Bri to watch out because backpacks were going to become popular haha and she just laughed because I looked ridiculous; BUT I was right! You can find the most popular designers and brands recreating 'the backpack' for 2016. Some of my favorites comes from NastyGal, Kate Spade, and Michael Kors.

I found this jacket at Target at the end of Summer, and it's definitely my favorite purchase from Target! Sometimes scouring the sale section can lead to some GOLD finds; this jacket was only $17!? I haven't been able to find anything quite the same since, but there are lots of similar denim jackets that would be just as great. I find that a good denim jacket, even if it's a little more wild like this acid wash one, pairs well with just about anything. Black denim with cut holes in the knees has become crazy popular over the last year; the best pair I have tried on was from Topshop, but you can also just DIY the holes to your favorite pair, like I did here.

Shades are from Sunglass Spot, this amazing sunglasses company that has hundreds of $5 sunglasses to choose from! I love buying sunglasses from here because it challenges me to buy variety and to get out of my comfort zone - since they are so cheap I don't have to feel like I need to buy ones I will wear all the time. I like that these are a modern take on the Aviator, with a slightly rounder shape and rosegold frame.

Off to enjoy the sun! I've got my Polaroid camera, lipgloss, wallet, water bottle, snacks, and sunglasses in my backpack and I've still got room, PLUS both hands free! Can a purse do that?!