Long Black Vest

Sunday morning I woke up early for a work meeting, throwing my messy hair up in a bun and putting my favorite baseball hat on, not thinking too far into what my day was going to look like. Well, when I got home from the meeting I only had 30 minutes to shower and get ready before church started, so as I was drying my hair my mind was racing to think of an outfit.

When my hair was dry, I threw it up in a half bun (the greatest way to get rid of that top poofy layer of hair after blow-drying when there's no time for a flat iron!), did some quick makeup (TEACH ME HOW TO CONTOUR) and stood in front of my closet for what seemed like an eternity.

Feeling sort of lazy and unmotivated, I put on my trusty STS Blue denim, and a grey tee I scored at Old Navy. Talk about underwhelming. THEN it hit me - obviously I should wear my black vest!! Because it's super cute, goes with absolutely everything, and adds the perfect layer?! I grabbed some black Chelasea booties, my boys Michael and Matt, and we were on the road.

The thing I love about this vest is that is can go with so much. There is probably very few things in my closet that it wouldn't work with - it can be dressed up or down, and adding that final layer can really complete an outfit. Next time you are putting together an outfit, think about adding another layer, something to add length, color, and interest to your outfit!

PS How cute is my husband who always offers to take pictures for me?! Love him.

Three similar vests I love!
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