4 Favorite Summer Hats

What is one item that you always need to "complete" an outfit? For most people, this might be a watch, necklace, or statement earrings. For me that item is often a hat. I think the right hat can dress up an outfit, look chic, and add interest to your overall look. This summer is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and add a new accessory to your wardrobe. Hats are extremely versatile, they can add color & texture to any outfit, and are the most practical item to wear (hello, who wants sunshine in their eyes & a burnt forehead?!)

Here are 4 of my favorites for summer!

1. The simple black woven sun hat is a classic. This hat can go with anything; from denim shorts and a tank, to a maxi dress, its versatile and simple.

2. A panama hat; with a bigger top and thinner brim all a around, this iconic hat gives off a very casual cool vibe. It quickly adds an effortless tomboy look to any outfit.

3. Opting for a colored hat, like this blush pink Hinge one from Nordstrom, keeps your head cool with the soft knit texture. Let's leave wool for the winter, and look for more of these breathable materials that will keep us cool in the heat. A feminine color, like light pink or yellow, is trendy for the summer and adds a pop of color where it might be unexpected.

4. Although the wide brimmed hat has stayed dominant in fashion every summer, there are new fresh ways to keep it interesting. Whether you like words across the brim, or bold stripes throughout, there is a unique style for you - these hats are here to stay.

Seen in an article written by Anush Hovhannisyan for Fashionisers, we can see the brimmed hat trend styled three different ways. This picture shows the versatility of this hat, as well as the multiple styles that a hat can cater to. Think about switching the hats around with the models and their outfits. How would each look change with a different hat? This shows that even one hat can be style multiple ways, and even if it looks a like a specific style, changing the outfit will offer a new look. This brimmed hat (in all it's variations) is going to be consistently seen in unique ways this summer, and it's here to stay!