Head To Toe Blush

I would consider my style to be mostly classic staples, somewhat feminine, and mixed with touches of trendy. I tend to buy most of my clothing thinking long-term; how many outfits can I wear this piece in? What can I add to make this look different than the last time I wore it? What colors do I already own that will go with this specific piece? Do I have shoes to match? These questions help me decide if a purchase is a quick-trigger, gonna-regret-it-later kind of thing, or a here to stay item that will add to my closet and find many ways to wear & style it!

So when my cousin Ashley gifted me this gorgeous blush pink faux leather moto jacket for Christmas last year, I was thrilled. It isn't something I would have chosen and purchased for myself, but as a gift, it was exactly what I never knew I needed. I felt like it is exactly that kind of jacket you drool over and never buy yourself (but like.. go buy one yourself, you need it!). It truly is the perfect combination of girly, edgy, and trendy! I have worn it many different ways, but here is one of my favorites.

The color blush has been huge this Spring, so you can find a lot of layering pieces in this pastel pink. The idea of a pink leather jacket can seem pretty odd, but because the color is so light, it is more of a neutral than a pop of color. Pink & blue are a classic and sweet color combination that I adore; I think it looks feminine, but gives an updated look with denim.

The cut of this jacket is more trendy than your typical leather jacket, which adds a fresh vibe to a classic jacket that has been around a long time. I layered it with a button up blouse that has soft blue, yellow, and pink flowers on it. I found this blouse at Nordstrom Rack last Summer, but Lush is known for having a million of these sheer and simple blouses in all colors and patterns, so something similar would be easy to find! When wearing a shirt that is "busy" and had more going on, stick to just a few colors. The pale pink flowers in the shirt are brought out by the color of the jacket, and the blue stands out because it is paired with denim.

Pairing this outfit with blush pink heels brings that soft feminine look all the way to your feet; where denim could have made it much more casual and edgy. These particular pumps are Steve Madden, but you can find similar styles all over. Nordstrom, Macy's, DSW, and even Target carry similar styles.

This specific jacket from Forever 21 has sold out, but here are a few others I love!

1. Cropped Buckle Jacket - ASOS
2. Mink Biker Jacket - Missguided
3. Halogen Crop - Nordstrom
4. BLANKNYC Faux Leather Jacket - Nordstrom
5. Members Only - Urban Outfitters
6. Pink Quilted - Rue21

Next time you are standing in front of your closet, wondering what to wear, think of new ways to combine those trendy pieces with some of your more classic staples. See how adding one statement jacket, or focusing on a color throughout your outfit, can change the whole look!