Blogger Brunch @ Pioneer Square

Tuesday morning my new friend, and amazing photographer, Maggie, hosted a little blogger gathering at a studio in Pioneer Square. The space was unreal! With every amazing opportunity blogging has given me, I feel extremely lucky and blessed by the people I have met and the places I have been!

Maggie moved from Louisiana to Washington at the beginning of April for a mentorship program with a local photographer in town. We connected on Instagram and decided to meet up last week in Ballard for a photoshoot. First off, she looks JUST like the girl from Divergent (seriously, twins) but more importantly she's an incredible person. She's got a great light that shines about her, she is creative, and is a crazy hard worker. She decided to get together a few of the bloggers she had been working with while in Seattle, to let us meet one another and take some pictures in her studio!

I mean, as you can see.. the space is stunning. The brick contrasts so well with the bright white walls, and light streaming in keeps the room fresh! The view out the windows is my favorite part, I sat on the windowsill and just looked outside at the busy lives rushing by and had to be thankful for what a beautiful place we live in. Even in the city there are incredible spaces that we take for granted every day!

It was so much fun to snack on treats and chat with the other ladies, get makeup touched up, and take pictures in the space. I am excited to see how the pictures turned out, but even more excited to get together with these bloggers again soon! I love how blogging connects different people, their stories, and brings them together through a common passion!

You already know what to do when that selfie lighting in PRIME! And it was! Sneak preview of my easy, beachy spring look. I love wearing my hair in loose waves lately! Its easy to just tousle around and not have to deal with, and I can toss it in a messy bun in seconds if I need to.

ALSO obsessed with this lip liquid by Maybelline! Light and airy, goes on smooth, and get this - goes on MATTE! It makes my lips feel hydrated without the thick, lip staining qualities some other lipsticks have.


I love that the brush is flat, so you can line your lips with it first to make them look fuller, they fill them in based on how much you want to wear. The color I am wearing above is Nude Flush, which is favorite color for every day wear, but I have a few different ones and love them all.