Cozy Clothes For Every Girl

Yesterday I got the coziest package EVER in the mail!

Hottotties believes comfort and style are one in the same, taking cozy to a whole new level. Designed for the "comfort seeker, storyteller, and sun-daze enthusiast", this brand is all about creating clothes that are for your day off. Whether that looks like hiking, working out, or curling up with a good book, they have the gear for you to do whatever you do successfully.

In my package I received a mug (perfect for my morning coffee - now I just need to find a good new book to curl up with!) and a grey pullover workout shirt. Because Hottotties focuses on staying cozy year round, I love that the long sleeve top I got can be worn during any season! I think it would be a perfect top to run in or do an outside workout this Spring and Summer, especially those morning when the sun is just peeking out and the weather is still cool. 

I am going to style it in the next few weeks so stay tuned to see what I pair it with!