Give 'Em The Cold Shoulder

Do you ever feel like sometimes when you ask someone, "where did you get that?" while pointing to their cute blouse, they instantly pretend they cant remember where they got it from?! Or even worse, have YOU ever been the person to pretend you've all the sudden forgotten where your outfit came from? Sometimes I wonder why we do that. Like we think that giving details on what we wear to someone else will somehow make our outfit less valuable or trendy - pshh yeah right!

As a blogger it's my favorite thing to tell someone where I got an item of clothing, because I love to help anyone out when I can. If I find a good deal I want to share it with everybody!

Let's choose to give the cold shoulder to that type of attitude and selfishness. Let's choose to be generous with our sense of style, share where we find good deals, and help each other out!

Every season there are tons of new styles that become really popular; everyone wants to try them out but usually we aren't wanting to spend tons of money since they will likely be gone as soon as they came. To help you get a kickstart on what's trending now, I am going to give you a list of my faaavorite off the shoulder tops that are so HOT this season!

1. Crochet Top - Forever 21
2. Light Blue Striped Blouse - H&M
3. Smocked Ruffle Blouse - Urban Outfitters
4. Eyelet Balcony Top - Madewell
5. Pressed Floral Print - TopShop
6. Crochet Top - TopShop
7. Mixed Print Flowy - ASTR Nordstrom

This bright blue floral top I found at H&M a few weeks ago. Guess how much it was? FIVE DOLLARS. Five! It caught my eye hanging on the sale rack because it was the only colorful piece in the sea of black and I snatched it up soo fast. I love this top because its a mix of so many summer trends; off the shoulder, floral print, and cropped.

Try out this summer trend - and when people ask where you got your top from, make sure you give them all your style secrets (and send them my way for a full list of where to get more)!