How To Navigate The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

It can be hard to know how to navigate Nordstrom's Anniversary sale - after all, there is a huge amount of new merchandise at extremely low prices, and sometimes we don't even know where to start. Everyone has unique style and are obviously drawn to items that fit into that specific style, but we all are looking for pretty much the same basics. I've broken down the sale into five categories that will make navigating and shopping the sale SO much easier; for any woman's style.

Category #1: Know What's In Your Closet

Have you ever gone grocery shopping only to get home and see the exact same items you just bought already in your fridge? I can't tell you how many times I've done that. Why does that happen?! We do that because subconsciously we are grabbing things we like and usually eat, and the same thing applies to shopping for clothes. I suggest before you head out to the mall, do a quick sweep of your closet. What do you already own a lot of? What is an item you are missing and wished you had? Is there a color or a pattern you have too much of and should stay away from? Too much of the same thing in your closet WILL bore you, not to mention its a waste of money to buy things you basically already have!

Category #2: Secure Your Style

Like I previously stated, every person pretty much should know their style. It's YOURS for a reason - stick to it! Buying clothes that you "think you might wear" or "saw another girl wearing" probably won't be things you grab to wear every day. Stick to items that stand out to you specifically; whether something stands out because it's your favorite color, it's a cut that looks good on you, or you have been looking for something like it for a long time, stick to what you know meshes well with your personal style.

Category #3: The Three Part Outfit

At the base of every outfit there is three parts (minimum!). And no, I'm not counting your bra, underwear, or socks! Most outfits consist of a bottom piece, a top, and shoes. Think about it, pretty much every combination besides a dress or romper meets these qualifications. When looking to buy some new pieces, think about these three parts and try to buy equally for each. If all you purchase is 10 new shirts, you're going to be pretty upset when you go to wear them and realize all your pants are old and don't fit quite right. Try to keep a balance so that your options for mixing & matching are that much greater.

Category #4: What's Your Splurge Item?

This is the part that can get tricky, so for this section I think sticking to a budget will help you stay on track and keep self control. Figure out how much you are wanting to spend, and then choose if there is an item that you really want; something maybe a little out of your normal spending (don't break your bank please!). Whether that is a fancy watch, a nice pair of shoes, or even an expensive bra you wouldn't normally splurge on, make sure it's just an item or two!

Happy Shopping!