Sporty Sandals

A few weeks ago Matt, myself, and three of our friends took a road trip to Spokane (5 hours East of Seattle) for a basketball tournament in town that the guys play in every year. Although most of you have probably never heard of Spokane, the basketball tournament is actually HUGE and is the biggest 3 on 3 tournament in the world - pretty cool! The streets of downtown Spokane are shut down all weekend long, and where cars normally drive through, there are now rows and rows as far as the eye can see of basketball hoops. This truly is Matt's dream scenario ha!! It's always a great weekend spent with good friends, and his grandparents host us at their lake property not far from town on Lake Coeur d'Alene. I definitely got my fill of sunshine, good food, and friendship that weekend!

Every year when Hoopfest is right around the corner, I try to plan my outfits for the weekend in advance. I know we will be boating to breakfast and dinner, so those outfits are fairly simple and easy for me to figure out, but during the tournaments is the part that always catches me off guard. It's probably no secret that I do NOT play; I am far more qualified to be a cheerleader, and I take my job of cheering on my hubby's squad quite seriously. 

The Tuesday before we left for the weekend Matt and I were at my parents house for family dinner and for some reason I decided to go check my closet for some sandals I thought I left up there. I couldn't find the sandals anywhere BUT I did find a black Nike tennis skirt that I used to play tennis in. I thought that would be such a cute new take on athletic shorts, I mean why not? The skirt has built in shorts so the whole day I ended up feeling really comfortable and cool in the heat. I loved the sporty yet feminine look!

On our way back to the lake from a day full of games on Saturday, we decided to stop by a Sports Authority we passed on the freeway. They are a huge sporting goods retailer that is going out of business, and we thought they might have some good deals! Most of the stuff was picked through but the moment I laid eyes on these pink & purple beauties I knew they had to be mine. Has a pair of shoes ever looked more like me?! DOUBT IT. And an extra 20% off?! NAILED IT. And since I couldn't find those sandals I had been looking for at home earlier, I thought it was the perfect excuse to get these! Like stated previously, the store I purchased them at was selling out fast, but I did find a few other stores that still have them in stock - so hurry and grab a pair before they are all gone!

Here I have found the same pair at Kohl's and other fun colors at Eastbay!

I can't stop wearing these beauts! I have had a black & white pair for several years now, and they seriously go with everything. I love that these ones are a pop of color, easy to throw on with any outfit, and are extremely comfortable! Can't go wrong. Today I paired them with Matt's comfy oversized hoodie from Urban Outfitters (sold out, find similar here) and my favorite pair of ripped denim and I was set. Feelin' extra confident in these sporty sandals today - get 'em before the Summer is gone!