Summers Hot Trend: Lace-Up Details

The weather has been so weird here in Seattle lately! One day it's 85 and sunny, and the next day it's overcast and drizzling rain. It can be hard to keep up with the ever changing weather, especially when you are trying to plan ahead to what your outfits might be for the upcoming week. I've found that having pieces in your closet that transition well in all types of weather are the most practical.

This summer the lace-up detail has been all over dresses, blouses, crop-tops, and even shoes. I was pretty skeptical at first, wondering how such a bohemian look would translate into more of an everyday casual outfit, but I fell in love with this trend pretty quickly after figuring out the best ways to wear this style! I found this specific blouse at Macy's last month; I was returning some kitchen things we got as wedding gifts and got distracted by the huge sale signs as I was leaving. As I plowed through the racks, this blush pink suede sleeve caught my eye.. Never been happier that I stopped to take a look! What was originally a 72$ dress was marked down to a mere 17$; now that's a number I can work with!

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When I first tried on the dress, I could've worn it without any pants, but after a wash & dry (oops!) it shrunk just a little bit so pairing it with denim is perfect. It works as a great piece for layering up, even over black pants and booties, or paired with denim shorts and sandals. The length is plenty long, I think it would be really cute knotted up at the bottom as well! Because it was also a sale item, it's no longer available at Macy's, but I have linked a few more of my favorite dresses and a blouse that is very similar below.

These sunglasses are from Sunglass Spot, which is an awesome online shop where every pair of sunglasses is only 5$! This lets you pick and choose lots of different styles and not feel bad about stepping out of your comfort zone. I love that these ones are round because I think that shape looks best on my face! The floral details around the outside are a dainty silver detail that play off the silver eyelets on the blouse. I always keep an eye out for small ways to tie pieces together, and these are the things that I believe make a outfit truly memorable.