Summer Staple Turned Fall Trend

You can go to as many fashion shows possible, read articles online, and scour Pinterest for guidelines to what fashion a season will bring, but until that season comes around it's hard to say what people will really be wearing. But as soon as a new season hits, just a quick look around the mall or any social event, you can clearly see what will soon be trending. The bell sleeve look was popular throughout Summer, and we are now seeing it work it's way into Fall as well.

Good news for you - your favorite Summer clothes can now be worn all through the colder weather! This Boho-inspired trend takes the effortlessly flowy look straight from sunshine & shorts to layers & leaves. By adding darker details, like a khaki pant, hat, or choker, you can transform the look right into this season. This look is definitely going to be big on how you accessorize! Adding those small details gives this style a whole new look. And seriously, how simple is this outfit. Denim, black boots, white top, and a few edgier pieces - all the sudden your sweet and simple Summer staple has become a trendy topic.

1. Thatcher Tie Top - Show Me Your Mumu
2. Free People "Easy Girl" Bell - Nordstrom
3. Lace Woven Top - Forever21

One of my favorite accessories this season is my Kitsch choker. I found mine while looking around a local boutique that sells jewelry, journals, office things, candles.. you know, those really cute stores where you feel like you have to buy everything?! When I picked this choker up I was thinking it would be overpriced, but when I saw it was only $7 I knew I needed it. I love the little pop of edge it can add to any outfit, but because it's lace it is still feminine! It goes perfect with this Bohemian inspired Fall look, and I have to say I love the monochromatic feel with so much white, grey, and black.