Silky Bomber Jacket

I scored this silky bomber jacket from Forever21 two months ago on a mega sale, and since then it's been one of my absolute favorites! I was browsing the store and trying to find a cute denim jacket when I came across this one. The tag wasn't marked as being on sale but I thought it would probably be worth the fairly low price of $27 anyways. The thing I love about Forever21 is that everything is always cheap! Since it's just fast fashion anyways, it doesn't need to last you forever like other classic pieces might. Trends come in and out of style so fast now, and stores like this are basically just there to supply you with every style, super fast, and to always be on trend.

Paired with these fun metallic platform sandals, this simple black outfit is elevated and much more interesting! I always try to find ways to make simple outfits more MY style; more creative by just adding a pop of color or an unexpected piece. I think too often we buy items that are good staples, or that we can wear over & over again (which are smart choices - don't get me wrong!), but we miss out on being more creative with what we wear! I challenge you to try something different with your outfit today, add a fun bag or hat, and make it more YOU!