5 Reasons I Shop At Nordstrom + Save The Dates

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Some of you may not actually know that I used to work at Nordstrom! Right out of college I got accepted into a Retail Management internship at Nordstrom and worked there for about two years in the Lingerie Department. As someone who grew up shopping with my mom at Nordstrom and had always loved the idea of working retail too, it seemed like the perfect fit. I really enjoyed being an employee and honestly I learned a lot of things about what sets Nordstrom apart from other brands, that as just a shopper I never knew. Now, years later, as someone who still loves shopping at Nordstrom, I feel like I have a lot of insight to share with someone who maybe has never shopped there or doesn’t know a lot of the unique things that Nordstrom offers. Through working at Nordstrom and shopping from them for years, I have uncovered a lot of really cool things that set Nordstrom apart from other retailers, and I want to help you discover a new brand too if you do not already shop there!

One misconception that I feel like is important to just get the record set straight for is that Nordstrom does not ONLY sell expensive or designer items. Although they do have an amazing designer selection, they also have a huge variety of different items AND all sorts of price points. I oftentimes get girls that are SO shocked that something under $30 or $40 is from Nordstrom, and I just think it might be because they have never taken the time to look around their site. I love to look for items at different price points, and will sometimes search for just anything under $50 or $100, or even $20. There is always a ton of jewelry, B.P brand items or even extremely discounted sale items that are at a great price!

I found this dress when looking under the $70 and less section - I found soo many fun dresses and skirts too. This brand is ASTR the Label and I am always drawn to them because of the amazing quality for mostly everything being under $100 AND they are always on trend. These Nike Air Force One sneakers have been favorites of mine for a few months now; Matt actually picked them out for me and I was really hesitant at first, but they have become probably my most worn sneakers. The platform gives me a little extra height but they are very comfortable too! I wear them in a 8 and I am usually a 7.5 so I went up 1/2 size for the best fit!

If you are someone who is looking for more designer or higher end pieces, you are in luck too. They have a massive selection of designer handbags, shoes, bags and clothes that are always rotating each season to give you the best selection. If you are someone who spends a lot of money shopping and you are not getting rewarded for it - girl, sign up to be a rewards member! I talk more about the options/what it looks like in this post.

Here are five reasons I shop at Nordstrom:

  1. You can earn points on each purchase in store & online, that work towards getting a “note” which is basically cash you can use on anything at Nordstrom! I talk more about how to be a Nordy Club Member later in this post.

  2. FREE shipping and FREE returns - you heard that right! In a world where it feels like you get charged for everyyyything, it’s pretty refreshing to just place an order and not worry about it. If it doesn’t fit right or isn’t what you thought it would look like/be, ship it back for free or return in store to your nearest Nordstrom.

  3. They always have the most variety of styles and selection. As someone who’s style is always evolving and changing depending on the season (and let’s be honest, depending on my mood haha) I feel like it is valuable to shop somewhere that gets my style! If I am looking for a dress to wear to a wedding, need new sneakers, or want to wear them together like I have done here - know I can find something to elevate my style. I like that you can also shop by sections; my faves are Topshop & Trend, where you can find the latest in new upcoming styles and fashion forward pieces.

  4. I find them to be super inclusive; whether it is for gender, age, or size, they have amazing options for everyone in your family! You can find fashion and beauty at every price-point, for every age range. We find so many thoughtful gifts here, as well as stocking up on my makeup favorites, shoes for both Matt & myself, and swimwear and home decor. They really hit on every section of your life and make it easy to shop.

  5. They offer a service I really have not seen elsewhere which is called BOPUS (Buy Online and Pickup in Store). Basically you can order any item online and instead of shipping to your house, you can ship to a store. You can use it for picking up gifts, or just ship to the store if you’re traveling and only bring home what fits. It actually gives great flexibility for the shopper to have a lot of different shopping options!

shop the look:

Nordstrom Fall Fashion - bresheppard.com

Become a Nordy Club member and reap the rewards:

  • Without a Nordstrom Credit Card:

    • Use your phone number at checkout in store and online, and earn status based on how much you spend. You can also get exclusive access to events put on by Nordstrom, like beauty & style workshops. Using the phone number rewards you earn one point per dollar.

  • With a Nordstrom Credit Card:

    • Apply for the Nordstrom Credit card and instantly unlock insider status. Receive a $40 bonus note when you make any purchase at Nordstrom on the day your card is approved, you can use notes on any purchase in store or online. Earn 3 points per dollar. You also get Anniversary Sale Early Access for the biggest sale of the year each July. Instantly unlock $100 in alterations benefits.

    • Become Influencer Status ($2000+ spend per year) You get 2 personal double points days and priority access to style events. You also receive $200 in alterations benefits.


  • 11/8-11/19: Fall Sale

  • 11/22-12/24: Loyalty Holiday Offers

  • 11/27-12/2: Cyber 6

  • 12/2: Cyber Monday (spend $300 and receive $50 gift card to use in January)

  • 12/25: Xmas

  • 12/26-1/2: Half Yearly Sale

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Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post! I truly love this brand and shop here so much;
it is really fun to work with a brand I believe in and have ties to like this.
All items were purchased with my own money & reflect my own personal style! Xx