Back To The Basics

back to the basics

Shop the cutest $19 tee & perfect high-waisted denim!

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my IG Story from last week about this shirt. The best purchase that came from the most unfortunate scenario haha! Whenever I close at work I like to get the kids chicken strips from the Nordstrom Bistro. They come with fries and your choice of a drink, and are only $6 so it's a really cheap & delicious (and not healthy or balanced in any way) meal. Well as I was eating my food last week I must've spilt ranch dressing down my dark green silky blouse. But the best part was that I didn't even notice it until almost two hours later. That means I was helping customers & in fitting rooms with them - and nobody told me!! 

I looked down at some point and noticed a little smudge of something so I went to a mirror and saw ranch ALL down the front of my shirt. I was mortified haha but also couldn't stop laughing because that is so me!

I ran over to BP to find something east to throw on and this was the shirt I found. It was only $19 and felt super soft so I threw it on & called it good. 

Umm.. I am obsessed!! It comes in six colors total; black stripes, white stripes, white, grey, black, and green. For under $20! I have worn it several times now, both tucked into jeans like in the picture above, or just down with my Spanx Leather leggings. I like that it is a longer cut so it covers me a little more when I just want to be comfy and wear leggings. I also love anything with a simple stripe! Matt always jokes that I only wear stripes, which totally isn't true but he thinks it is the funniest thing when I come home with a new shirt with stripes haha! He did agree though that this was super cute! 

I love going back to the basics and finding those really simple pieces that you can just wear with everything!

This simple long sleeve tee paired with my favorite TopShop Jamie high-waisted distressed jeans is a winning combo!