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The Summer Makeup Struggle

To wear or not to wear makeup, that is the question

During the Summer I always struggle with wanting to wear makeup, but also wanting to look fresh & natural! Today my family is taking out the boat but I still want to feel good & cover up some blemishes, so I created this super glowy and beachy look. I shared it on my IG story and thought I would share it here as well since it is SO easy & simple. It is my go-to look for wanting to be put together and feel really fresh, but also have a little bit of natural glam!

The key to this look is to keep all the makeup light & dewy; nothing matte or powder. I love that the primer has SPF 30 because it is protecting my face from the sun, and still allows me to wear makeup without sacrificing that crucial step in your skincare routine! I love that the itCosmetics foundation is super lightweight but also gives good coverage. It never dries out & leaves my skin looking soft and flawless. The 3-in-1 trio kit gives the perfect amount of color and glow, and I think would look amazing on any skintone as well because it has a peachy undertone, not red or brown. 

To me brows are the ultimate step to make any look really impactful; even a softer beachy look needs a little pop of brow - especially if the mascara is minimal! I like that the Clinique Fit mascara is 24hr coverage for any sweat or humidity. You will never find this mascara creeping down under your eyes, which is why it is also an everyday fave for me to wear as bottom lash mascara. The thin/small brush head lets you evenly and lightly coat every lash. And of course no beach look would be complete without a shiny lip! I love that this EVER Skincare lipgloss has plumping power; it tingles just a little bit, but is so soft and gives the perfect shine to help keep your lips soft and smooth, all while adding a little pop of pink! 

This look is great for an everyday makeup routine, I would just add a little more mascara maybe for an everyday look. Overall it is super easy and creates the best natural, beachy look. It is truly perfect for Summer and any boating or outdoor activites you might have going on! This look will keep you looking your best, naturally. All while protecting your face from sun exposure & letting you live life in the sun without worrying about your mascara flaking or sliding off.

Enjoy the sun & feel good (and LOOK good) doing it!