How To Find The Best Sneakers For You + Chatting Athleisure with Cole Haan

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About four years ago the term “athleisure” really started to become popular, as a way to blend two different styles of fashion into one unique style. Combining athletic/sporty and comfortable/leisure style to create a fun, casual niche of clothing that is just as versatile as it is functional. I personally resonate with this style because as someone who loves to wear sneakers, hoodies, & super “comfy” styles even when I am not planning on working out that day(anyone relate to this too haha?!), this is really the perfect blend of style and comfort that makes a lot of sense for daily wear. Over the years my love for dressing casual & comfortable has grown; there is nothing better to me than feeling really good in what you’re wearing and being able to move around. Having function play a role in my outfit makes sense as someone who is constantly on the go. 

Now keep in mind, I am obviously obsessed with fashion, so that part of me will never be set aside, but it has been a lot of fun combining that love of mine with comfort to find some unique styles that are perfect for my every day life. Both the waterproof Anorak jacket and sneakers I am wearing here are from Cole Haan, and I think that they are the definition of athleisure. I love that jacket is waterproof because it is a perfect layer for this crazy Seattle weather; going on a walk, biking, or even simply getting groceries you never know when it might start to pour haha! It is always good to be prepared, and even better to do it in style with something lightweight and packable. I am wearing the medium in this cute white jacket, it fits true to size!

They have been such a leader in fashion over the last several years; even combining athletic soles into their mens work shoes. My husband Matt, as someone who loves his athletic wear and has always been super into sports, were Cole Haan work shoes every day. He loves that they are blending high fashion with high comfort, and this really appeals to someone who mostly shops in the sporty/athletics realm outside of work clothes. Their ability to blend two separate styles to create a new type of fashion is pretty cool, and I personally have loved the Cole Haan Generation ZERØGRAND sneakers for this exact reason. 

Bre Sheppard : Cole Haan

cole haan SNEAKERS

I find that these Cole Haan Generation ZERØGRAND sneakers are very functional as a gym sneaker or wearing around for daily life. I have worn them with denim, a midi dress, to the gym, and seen here wearing them with leggings and a lightweight pullover for a walk this Summer at night. Whenever I am purchasing something I try to think a lot about how much I will be able to wear it. Obviously some things I just buy because I love the style, the fit, or the color. But when I find something I want to buy, I am more likely to purchase it if it has the function of all of these; you could think of it as a checklist to look for certain things in an item before you purchase.

how to find the best
Sneakers for you:


I hope that anything I buy I will find many ways to wear it, and with sneakers especially being such a popular item right now, I think they are a good investment. You can wear them with any outfit and mesh them into whatever your personal style is.


This is key when looking for a really any pair of shoes that you hope to wear often. I won’t lie, some shoes do tend to take a little while to wear in, and this is common. I would keep an eye out for the fit of the shoe and make sure that it feels like your foot isn’t cramped or crushed inside the shoe. You could try them on with socks to make sure they fit properly. You can usually tell when a shoe is comfortable and won’t need much breaking in, these are the best! 


A good color way is important to me because I want to make sure that I am spending money on shoes that are going to worn a lot! I have bought shoes in the past and thought, “oh these will go with everything!”, when in reality the color way was just too unique to try to match anything. That is one thing I really love about these Cole Haan Generation ZERØGRAND sneakers; they have a wide variety of color options, but to me they are all very subtle and easy to pair with any outfit. I love that the colors are muted and perfect for Summer, but also will blend seamlessly into your Fall wardrobe. 


As a self proclaimed shoe addict haha I am always looking at shoes, and honestly it doesn't take much for me to talk myself into buying a new pair. I really love finding shoes that have a really cool look to them! I think if you know what your style is and what type or genre of clothing you wear a lot of, this can help you pick which shoes might be most your style! I am a mix of sporty, casual, and fun.. therefore I love a good plain white platform sneaker as much as I do a fun colored knit workout shoe. I think these Cole Haan Generation ZERØGRAND sneakers area great blend of simple and classic, with a sporty twist. 

I hope this is helpful for you when searching for your next pair of sneakers;
wether it be for the gym or daily wear, or if you are looking for something that can serve both purposes!
Remember the checklist I shared above, and use it to help you decide what shoe is best for you. 

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As always, all opinions and styling is my own! Xx