Cold Weather Essentials

Every year around this time my family spends a weekend together at our cabin on Lake Entiat. We meet up with my best friend Amy's family in the mountains on Saturday and make a big fire, deep fry french fries, eat chili, toast to friendship, and play in the snow. I may not be the first to say I love the snow, but when you are bundled up and cozy it's really not that bad - as long as I'm not the one driving haha! It is always one of the best weekends of the year and something we look forward to and talk about until it comes around again. One thing I realized as we sat around the fire, was that the right winter gear really makes all the difference. It's absolutely necessary to have the right pieces to bundle up in when the weather turns from just bearable, to feels-like-negative-twenty in a matter of days. Aside from layering long-sleeves and socks, it might be a good idea to invest in some essentials; like a down jacket, or boots that you know won't leak halfway through your snowy adventure.


Let's get cozy!

I have found that nothing keeps me warmer, nor is an easier layer than a down jacket. This year you can literally find every color and style, but my favorite would still have to be the classic knee length. It keeps your whole body warm, including most of your legs, and if it has a hood your whole upper body will be thanking you. Matt once told me I looked like a baked potato in my shiny grey down jacket (he's pretty clever); I laughed and said, "So I look warm right? Perfect." The Northface, Goose Down, and Patagonia make some of my favorites.


Shake ya pom!

The puff is in this year! This fall we saw puffs hanging off of backpacks and purses, and now this winter you will find these little furry friends on the top of most knit hats. Knit hats can be a fun way to add color and texture to any outfit, especially when the top half of your outfit might be one black or solid colored jacket. Since a lot of your body heat goes out of your body from your ears, wearing a beanie will keep your head toasty. Perks of wearing a hat: you only have to curl the bottom half of your hair.

Snow Shoes

Ready for any weather!

Snow shoes. YUCK. All I can think about when I hear that is my old rubber snow shoes I wore when I was a tween. My feet seemed cold in the snow, they didn't stay tied, and snow always found it's way down my ankles. Thank goodness there are now some options worth getting excited about! Sorel, L.L. Bean, and UGG Australia all make amazing snow boots that keep your feet warm, keep the snow out, and keep you stylish.. even if you're on the slopes.

Stay cozy (and cute) in this cold weather - it's easier than you think!