Culottes Are Back

This specific outfit was one of the most comfortable I have ever worn! I found this blush pink top on clearance at Nordstrom at the same time I bought the pants. I think it was $20 marked down from $39, and made from the softest sweatshirt-like material. It has a longer short sleeve, that hits about midway between my shoulder and elbow. I like that I can wear it dressed up to work, or literally with sweatpants & UGGS, and it truly works either way. Lately I have been looking extra hard for clothing that is versatile and I know I will wear with more than one outfit, this shirt and these pants are just that! There's no smarter way to shop!

My sweater is from Target a few years back. I also have it in grey, because I couldn't believe how soft and pretty it was for under $25! Even though it is slightly balling up, it's nothing a sweater stone doesn't fix, and I figure since a lot of sweaters you buy today have that "worn & cozy" look, there's no reason not to wear it haha! It makes for a great layering piece ever season. In the summer I wear it over a tank with shorts and it's the perfect weight to keep me warm with that summer breeze. Back to those basics that I can wear anywhere with anything, and feel good about myself - so good! I pulled my hair back into a low messy bun and I was ready to go.

I think that layering different shades of the same color is a really sharp way to dress. Monochromatic looks are not new to the fashion scene, however I believe people often think that look is too dramatic and should be left to the runway. I disagree! If my pants and shoes were pink it might be a little bit over the top, but done right, that simple monochromatic look can look amazing!

Some tips to achieve the monochromatic look:

It's easy as 1,2,3!

1. Focus on either the top or bottom of your outfit. As I previously stated, if I had also worn pink pants it might have come across as a really random outfit. Keeping the top half monochromatic and the bottom half all black keeps the look simple.

2. Pick 2 or 3 pieces. Going off of the first point; less is more. Shirt, sweater, done. If anything else my sunglasses could've been pink and it would have worked. In any look where you are wearing multiple shades of the same color just stick to a few key pieces. Let's leave the head to toe bold color for the runways!

3. Accessorize! Although I am not one to often wear more than a small necklace and my ring, I think a playful bracelet, anklet, watch, or purse, can elevate a look and help the overall theme. A soft pink clutch or even a little bit of a blush pink sock sticking out of my booties would help create that monochromatic look even more.

I love culottes and trousers because they instantly elevate a look. Instead of wearing jeans, trousers give a dressier look without sacrificing any comfort. Since these pants basically feel like pajamas, I have been wearing them to work at least once a week since I bought them just about a month ago. The light and flowy fabric moves so nicely, and is never constricting. I also am loving how this specific pair from Nordstrom is deigned to be high-waisted. This gives me a really flattering & defined waistline no matter what I wear with them! The tie in front is also a cute detail that cinches the waist; a pant that I feel good AND look good in, I love it!

Trousers For Any Occasion

And every budget!

Some of my favorite trousers & culottes are from Nordstrom, J Crew, Forever21, and Old Navy. There's a really big selection right now, and a lot at different price points, so you are sure to find the pair that fits you best & your budget! Wear them now with a sweater a booties, and rock them all the way into summer with a tanktop and sandals. These are meant to be versatile and be a key piece in your wardrobe for many seasons to come!